Why our hats are the best?

Our hemp hats are handmade in the USA out of the finest 100% hemp yarn (imported from Romania). We also weave in hidden elastic in the band that allows you to custom fit the hat to your head, ensuring the best fitting hat you will ever own. Our hemp hats keep looking nice even after you wear and wash them over and over again.

Hemp is the ultimate seasonal yarn… cool in the summer & warm in the winter! Hemp is the longest & strongest natural fiber. This means a longer hat life as opposed to other hats made from cotton or acrylic yarns. Say goodbye to that shrunken or stretched out hat with those ugly pilly balls that pop up all over. For those with sensitive skin or allergies… hemp is naturally mold resistant, antibacterial, and repels up to 90% of UV rays and is grown without harmful chemicals.

Hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant which is a bast fiber (similar to linen) and produces more protein, oil and fiber than any other plant on earth. Hemp is not marijuana!! ….You would need to smoke at least a field to even get so much as a smile out of it!

Hemp is the world’s premier renewable resource. Hemp is extremely efficient from an environmental perspective. Hemp needs no pesticides or herbicides because it is unpalatable to insects and it grows too quickly for any weed to compete. By contrast, cotton uses more pesticides than any other commercial crop, leaving the soil depleted. This means that half of the chemical runoff polluting our rivers and lakes come from cotton growing.

Be easy on our planet… hemp sure is! Hemp is biodegradable and a hemp hat will look great 5x longer than one made from acrylic (plastic) yarn. Stop wrapping your head in plastic! Yikes!

Made in America by Americans!