Sizing Your Hemp Hat

We basically sell our hats in two sizes

Small / Medium – (19″ – 23″ around head measurement)
Fits most ladies and smaller mens hat sizes
Fits toddlers/kids (3+ years) 19″ & 20″ size is a little bit shorter in length – 7.25″
Adult standard length size – 8″ (11″ slouch/xtra long fold over)

Large / XLarge – (23″ – 25″ around head measurement)
Fits larger men and some women with lots of hair/dreads
Extra hat length on this size – 8.5″ (11.5″ slouch/xtra long fold over)
Sun hats come in Sm 19″ – 20″, Med 21″ – 22″, Lrg 23″ – 24″

Measure around your head to get a better fit. Put a string around your head, mark it and then measure the string to get a good measurement. You can also measure your length size by holding a string at the top (crown) of your head down to the bottom of your ear. If you need a different length than close to 8″ (11″ slouch) please email us the details so we can modify your order.

Don’t guess because your head could be bigger/smaller than you think! Some of our looser stitch hats (slouch hats, net, tams) will stretch more as the hemp becomes softer to allow for more hair/dreads, but the band should stay the same size since we add hidden elastic in the band to keep them a good fit. You can tighten this elastic on your hat if needed. Make sure you tie the elastic as soon as you get your hat. We send it untied to you so you can adjust the fit of the hat to your liking. Then tie in a square knot and trim.

We suggest that if you have a hard time finding hats to fit right contact us and we can help you get what you are looking for.