Don’t Smoke My Hat  ~ Good for your head and the earth! ~

An American Owned Company

About Don't Smoke My Hat

Don’t Smoke My Hat, founded in 2008 by Kasey Raymond, fell right into place because of her strong will to provide for her family. Needing a company that allowed her to outlet her natural creative ability and also care for her family came easily with her brilliant online hemp hat business. She designed simple but detailed hats and chose the most durable and long-lasting fiber that was available. Her business plan has remained straight forward and on point by sourcing all materials direct from the producer in bulk and hand-dyeing all yarns uniformly to her desired palette. She strives to educate consumers on her chosen fiber, in that you definitely can’t smoke it and it is not just hippie-wear. Hemp has historically been viewed as an important resource and used to make a multitude of necessities ranging from paper to clothing to ropes all the while using every part of the plant to make oils, wax, resin, and fuel. Don’t Smoke My Hat thrives on internet sales, relevant market events and good old-fashioned word of mouth. Check back often her fashionable new designs will continue to be added here on the online store.

Kasey also has an awesome friend, Nikki (owner of Nikki Stitch!), who helps her out and has been right by her side helping Don’t Smoke My Hat grow into what it has become today.

You can check out some of her amazing stuff at Nikki Stitch!Nikki logo